Thursday, July 5, 2007

Fruits and Vegetables Don't Work

Nearly $1 billion of our tax dollars are spent annually on nutrition education in schools. According to an article by the AP (;_ylt=Ald8DsYBAz5KfQgW85MhgCoDW7oF), that $1 billion isn't producing any results and no one knows why or what the solution is. But I do, so here it is.

Part of the money was spent on giving prizes to kids who eat fruits and vegetables. Other monies went to providing free fruits and vegetables, but the kids refused them because they didn't like the taste.

Here is the number one problem. Good nutrition, according to the government views on nutrition, tastes terrible! Why? Becasue we aren't allowed to put fat or salt in or on our foods. I won't even eat veggies without butter or salt and I'm an adult. How can we expect our kids to want plain, icky tasting veggies when they could eat a doughnut or some cheetos instead?

And eating extra fruits and veggies isn't going to make up for eating tons of refined carbs and hydrogenated oils. Those are the things that make us fat and sick.

The second problem is that we are fat phobic in this country because it is financially beneficial to the food and drug industries. It has nothing to do with health. In fact, Americans have been doing low fat since 1961 and since then, we have seen a huge increase in heart disease, obesity, diabetes, cancer, osteoporosis and infertility.

Low fat isn't working and our hard earned tax dollars are actually creating more children and adults plagued with chronic disease and obesity.

Here's the solution. Stop eating processed food and start putting lots of butter and a little sea salt on your lightly steamed, not overcooked, veggies. Fat tastes good and if it's animal fat, it's good for you. I'll tell you why in another blog so stay tuned.

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